Different standards

One of the issues people complain about is there being different standards for different people. They say “that isn’t the way I was treated” or “that isn’t fair, I had to do more” or something similar. The reality is, people are different, life isn’t fair and we do have different expectations for different people.

The thing to realize is we also have different standards for the same person. For example, if someone is a gourmet chef, we expect them to do a great job cooking in the kitchen. On the other hand, we might not expect them to be great on a computer or building a house. So we have high standards and expectations for them in one area of their life and lower in other areas. If a person is a computer programmer, the expectations of them in the kitchen or with tools might be low but the standards with computers would be quite high.

This means not only do different people have different standards to achieve but also the same person will have different standards depending upon the aspect of their life.

This is just something to keep in mind when you see people being treated differently.

Remember, we don’t have to treat people all the same, we should treat them all fairly

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