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The third Thursday of each month we have the Art Walk in downtown Charleston WV. Around 10 galleries stay open till 8PM showing off their art. Most serve some type of refreshments. The interesting thing to me about Art Walk is many of these galleries are packed. The reason this is interesting is most of these places are virtually empty the rest of the time.

You can go into most of these places on a given Saturday and be the only people there. The same art is shown. The same prices are offered. The only difference is Art Walk is an event as opposed to the rest of the time it’s just there (and at Art Walk you can drink some wine)

How many other businesses could flourish by creating these type of events? Could downtown restaurants have an event the second Tuesday of the month where they offer appetizers or drink specials? Could shopping centers have an event the first Sunday of the month with rides for kids and refreshments?

Could your industry benefit by having an event (or series of events)? One key is it must benefit more than one group (Art Walk isn’t for one art gallery, it’s for many).

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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