The people you know also know people

A few days ago I wrote a post titled “It’s not what you know” ( ).

To continue with this concept, when it does matter who you know it’s important to realize it’s also important who the people you know knows (there is probably a better way to word that).

As a simple example, if a person quits their job on bad terms not only are they limiting the opportunity to go back to that company (which might be fine with the person) but it might also be limiting the opportunity to get a job with anyone that company has connections with.

Your contacts are not just the people you know but also who these people you know might know.

People tend to realize that when they are wanting something (“aren’t you friends with John?”) but they forget it when it comes to lasting impressions (if you make a bad impression with me and someone asks me for about you as a reference, that bad impression might be transferred to this third party).

A bad impression on one person can be magnified to thousands very quickly (and with the Internet and social networking, it can spread very quick).

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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