How often is the word “luck” used when it really is just an excuse?

“The only reason that person is successful is they were lucky” (no, they are successful because they worked hard and took advantage of the opportunities that were out there).

“I would have been successful but just had bad luck” (no, you saw a dip in the road and gave up while the successful person realized that this dip would have a quick upturn if they are willing to persevere).

“He is lucky that he is well known, otherwise he wouldn’t be so successful” (no, he is well known because he put himself in a position to get recognized and through that opportunity he was able to work to become successful).

“I tried but had some bad luck” (you tried…and then you quit)

Seneca wrote “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” How often do people quit in their preparation before they ever come across the opportunity and find a way to blame anyone or everyone other than themselves?

If you want to be “lucky” go prepare yourself for when you do come across the opportunity and then be willing to persevere through any dips in the road.

Have a great day!


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