Do you have a plan B?

It’s important to have a plan and be willing to stick to it but at some point, you might need to go to plan B.

If you run a business and laws change to make it difficult to be profitable, are you going to keep doing what you have already done, even if it doesn’t work or, do you have a plan B?

If a better financed competitor comes into the market, do you have a plan B to make sure you don’t get run out of business?

The thing that makes it difficult to have a plan B is if you plan to fail, you most likely will fail. If you go into a new project willing to change course because of a minor bump in the road, you will most likely not be willing to overcome small obstacles. The challenge is to be willing to work through small problems BUT when something major happens be prepared to go to plan B.

Do you have a plan B?

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