Can’t we be supportive of others?

Can’t we be supportive of others?

There is such an attitude of “us vs them” these days. If “we” can’t win then we want “them” to lose.

Auburn fans root for Auburn first and whoever is playing the University of Alabama next.

Clemson fans would rather see anyone win as long as it’s not USC.

Liverpool fans openly root against Manchester United whether they are playing against them or not.

Why can’t we root for good performances regardless of who it’s for as opposed to being so adament about rooting against certain schools, teams or organizations?

In an article on the web site it quotes a person after watching Butler University win their game as saying “Any Indiana team, I’m definitely supportive of, I’m very supportive of all Indiana teams” This was coming from a fan of a different school than Butler.

What if we were to encourage and help our competitors get better? What if we were to share ideas and concepts to make our competition even stronger? Long run, wouldn’t that force us to get even better?

Some people think watching others fail makes them stronger. Others realize if their competition is stronger it will make them even better.

Which type are you?

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