Boring is ok

People want exciting careers. They think they have to do something exciting and innovative to make a lot of money or to be successful.

If they are going to open a store, they want to open a high end fashion boutique because that is where the money is (Walmart seems to be doing ok without being a high end anything)

If they are going to open a restaurant they want to run an expensive gourmet restaurant because you can charge those people big money and therefore make a lot of money (Ray Kroc seemed to do just fine with his fast food chain called McDonalds and not many consider a Big Mac to be gourmet).

If they are going to be a writer they think they have to write the next best seller to be successful (technical writers can make a very nice living).

Looking to do something glamorous can be exciting but keep in mind a lot of very successful people do things most others would consider to be boring…for example, who would think about growing grass for a living? The reality is, one can make a lot of money growing grass and then selling it (and by grass, I do mean real grass).

What others might perceive as boring, you might perceive as being the ideal solution to allow you to live a successful and glamorous life.

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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