Our damn lawyers

It seems many business people take the approach that “our damn lawyers” are always holding them back. They also feel “those stupid IT people” are making their lives miserable. Occasionally they throw in “accounting just makes us do unnecessary paperwork instead of letting us do our real jobs”

The smarter approach is taken when people realize it shouldn’t be an “us vs them” mentality but rather involving these groups from the very beginning to find the best way to do things.

Rather than having IT tell them why they shouldn’t do something, if they involve the IT department from the very beginning to find the best way to do things, it makes everyones life easier. If the legal department is involved from the beginning, rather than hoping they will approve a new approach, they would be able to make sure things are done the right way and not have to worry about “road bumps” later on.

Some will always take the “us vs them” approach but life would be easier to look at things from a “we” approach

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