If you make the initial contact with someone when you need something from them, you are probably too late.

If your first contact with a person involves asking them for something (a job, money, anything) you probably will get a “no”.

Networking involves making a true connection with others. It’s not a one time thing. It’s not a one shot thing. It takes time, commitment and is two sided (if your intention on networking is to figure out how to “get something” from someone else, first figure out how to give them something…then if/when you want something the likelihood of getting a “yes” goes up dramatically).

The funny thing is those people who need to network the least are usually the best networkers. They aren’t looking for anything from others when they meet them. They simply are expanding their network of contacts and are helping others out when they can. In turn, when they might need help from others, those people are much more likely to want to help them.

Don’t wait to network till you need to, you will probably be too late. Do it everyday and do it in person (if you are using technology to network, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, use it as a way to facilitate in person technology, not as a replacement for it)

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