A lot is written about leaders. Some is written about followers. Almost nothing is written about Gellers (partially because it’s a term I made up for this and is pronounced Jeller).

There are positive leaders pulling the followers in one direction. Negative leaders are pulling the followers in another direction.

The challenge is, which way do the followers go?

The Geller is the person who brings the group together. The Geller keeps the group together. The Geller is the one who helps the group go in the right direction.

The Geller might not make the big decision but is the one who makes sure the big decision is followed.

The leader frequently does the big picture stuff. The Geller makes sure the details are followed.

The leader gets most of the credit. The Geller makes sure things work

A good leader with a good Geller can do wonderful things. A good leader without a Geller will frequently fail. A Geller without a good leader will also frequently fail

If you find a good Geller, feel blessed (and feel free to give me credit for the word Geller!)

Have a great day!


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