Are you willing to let others see how you are doing?

Organizations conduct surveys, studies, reviews etc but how many are willing to allow others to see the results?

I use a number of the applications from and one of the things they are now doing is when a person contacts customer support and the issue is resolved, they allow the person to do a real simple evaluation by choosing one of three options (it was great, it was good, it wasn’t good). While this isn’t unusual, the thing that does make it unusual is anyone can see the last 100 evaluations by going to

The various “smiley faces” show whether the evaluation was great, good or not good. When a person does this evaluation, they also have the ability to write why they gave that evaluation and the written part is not disclosed to the public because it’s possible private information might be included in the comments.

It takes a great deal of confidence to let others truly see how you are doing. Are you that confident?

Just something to think about

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