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Today’s post is reprinted, with permission, from Lesli Smith. Thanks for Lesli for agreeing to share what she created for the personnel involved in their business ( )

Here are some things we all need to remember when sending/receiving emails.  Our inboxes are becoming overloaded with extra emails that take up space on our network. 
1.     Use the phone when possible.  There is no need to send an elaborate email and create an extended chain when a  phone call can handle it.
2.     Don’t type in ALL CAPS – that means you are yelling at the recipients.
3.    Please tell your recipients if this is just an FYI  and place their name in the Cc: area.
4.    Address your email to those that have action items (To: section) and give a deadline/due date for each action or ask them when they can provide the information back to you.
5.    Be aware of who is being Cc’d.  If someone is sending out an email to a lot of people and you need to reply, just reply to the sender only or reply to the sender and people who really need to see your answer.
6.    Make sure you put a Subject in the subject line and make sure it is a clear one that all your recipients will understand.
7.    Use Bold, underline and color to make important items stick out – but don’t use them some much that your email is hard to read.
8.    Always remember simple and to the point is best.

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