It’s about quality

I received a phone call from a friend yesterday. Although I know a good number of people, there are very few I would consider real friends.

I speak with this friend only a couple of times a year and even then, only for short periods of time. The reasons for not speaking more often range from time conflicts (different time zones), language conflicts (English is not her first language and speaking on the phone is much more difficult than in person for both of us to understand the other) and just too many things to do.

The thing I realize each time I speak with her is while we don’t speak often or much, when we do speak, it’s true quality.

Given the opportunity to speak with more people (quantity) or to speak more with people I truly care about, it’s a no brainer which choice to make.

Go out and spend more quality time with individuals you care about and if it means spending less time with others, that is ok

Just something to think about


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