Sometimes the star, sometimes the support

Some people are stars in their groups. Some people take on the support role. It’s difficult to transition from one to the other but there are some people who do this very well.

As a soccer fan, I see a great example on a regular basis in Park Ji-Sung from South Korea. When playing for his national team, he has been a superstar who has led his country as one of their biggest superstars. For many years, the success of South Korea’s soccer team has gone through Park Ji-Sung. When not playing for his national team he plays for Manchester United in England. While he has played a pivotal role for Manchester United he primarily plays the role of a support player. He demonstrates an incredible work rate, does a lot of the running some other “stars” don’t like to do and has proven to be extremely valuable to the team but is not looked upon as one of their stars. Not many players are able to go back and forth between star and support player yet Park Ji-Sung has done it for years.

In the business world, this problem gets seen frequently when a company gets bought or is merged into a bigger company. The entrepreneur who is accustomed to making the final decision frequently struggles with having to go through the bureaucracy of a larger organization. The founder who used to risk his own money now has to get permission since it’s now shareholders money at risk. This is one of the reasons so many entrepreneurs end up leaving within a couple of years of selling to a larger group.

Being able to be a star in some situations and a support person in other situations can make you even more valuable to all organizations.

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