Sleep and work have a lot in common

I heard a comment a few weeks ago which really has stuck with me because it is such a great way to look at interruptions at work.

If you get woken up from a sleep, the interruption might only take a couple of minutes but you can’t go back to sleep and pick up where you left off. You might have been in stage 2 of sleep but when you try to go back to sleep will most likely have to start over into stage 1. If you are woken a few times, you might never get to stage 3.

Work is quite similar. If you are interrupted while in the middle of deep thought/concentration, when you try to get back to work after an interruption, you will rarely be able to revert back to where you started. Instead, you will go back towards the start (though not necessarily to the very beginning).

In the same way that regular interruptions to your sleep will result in a bad nights sleep, regular interruptions to your work will frequently result in a bad days work.

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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