Is our testing process working?

An attorney has been successfully practicing law for 20 years, do you think he can still pass the bar exam?

An ER doctor has been working in various ER’s for the past 15 years, do you think he can still pass the boards?

If these people can’t pass the required tests needed to enter their fields, is it right to require newcomers to pass these?

One reason experienced attorney’s would struggle with passing the bar exam is the exam is testing their knowledge of the law in general while most of them have been working in a specialized field for years. If someone wants to enter one of those specialized fields, they learn mainly through on the job training. Would it not make sense to tailor their education specifically toward those fields and have the testing requirements geared toward specific fields?

A college soccer coach might have his “A License” but if you were an athletic recruiter wouldn’t you want someone who is “certified” in college recruiting, coaching administration, keeper training etc?

Shouldn’t we look at more specific training and more specific testing when looking for specialists?

Just something to think about

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