Be careful of acronyms

It’s common in business, and in life, to use acronyms with the assumption that others will know exactly what you mean.

It could be something as simple as “LOL” or “brb”. The problem is, not everyone knows what you are referring to.

As an example, recently I was reading a forum in which a person made a well thought out and educated post. The next post simply wrote “POTY”. The first poster thought this was a negative post but the respondent really meant “Post Of The Year”. What was meant as a compliment was taken as a criticism. A few posts later it was explained but this could have been avoided by using the words instead of the acronym.

This frequently happens in business when people within a certain industry are accustomed to everyone knowing their terms but when an “outsider” joins in, they forget that the new person has no clue what was meant. Sometimes they will ask while other times they will guess (sometimes correctly other times incorrectly)

Remember, sometimes it’s easier to take more time to spell things out initially than it does to have to explain again and again later on.

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