Admitting you aren’t the best anymore

To be the best in ones field would be wonderful. To be the superstar athlete who dominates a sport is a feeling most of us will never feel but those that do have to be prepared to deal with an issue most of us never have to deal with.

The issue that inevitably the best have to deal with is at some point, inevitably, they wont be the best anymore. It could be a new superstar comes along. It could be a person slowing down because of age or injury. Whatever the cause, the person on top will at some point not be on top any longer.

The way people handle this frequently says a great deal about them as a person. There was an interesting article on recently about Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs (for those who don’t know, this would be a basketball team). Tim Duncan has been a superstar for many years and would have to be considered one of the best players of all time. He is now getting up there in age (for an athlete) and is no longer the superstar he once was however, rather than still acting like the superstar, he now does a great job of being the supporting player who can still occasionally take over a game when needed. His ego is either so big that he can handle being the second (or third or fourth) choice or it’s small enough that he doesn’t care.

Seeing how someone behaves as they make their way to the top is interesting. Seeing the way they behave on the way down speaks volumes about their true character.

Just something to think about for yourself or for others you might be mentoring

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