What’s next?

Recently I was asked what I thought was going be the “next big thing” on the Internet.

It’s an interesting question because it’s difficult sometimes to separate what we think and what we hope. Luckily, in this case, I believe they are the same thing.

Many people currently are using technology as a way to communicate and interact with others. The next step, I believe and hope, is technology will be used as a way to improve communication as opposed to being the means for communication. Rather than being an effective way to communicate to the world, the next step will improve communications between people.

While it’s easy to post to a world for all your “friends” to see or to tweet to all of your followers (with the hope they then retweet to their followers) people aren’t being as effective in communicating one on one or in small groups. It’s not that current technology doesn’t allow this but rather it doesn’t encourage it. The next step is going to be improving personal communication and having technology enhance communication as opposed to being the sole means of communication. This might be accomplished by one of the current “giants” online or might be the way someone is going to replace one of the giants.

What is after that? Hopefully we will get back to in person, one on one communication again…but that might just be a pipedream!

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