Time Zones

When people hear “time zones” they typically only think of how the time changes in different regions of the world. There is another type of time zone that people should be aware of as well.

Some people are morning people. Some are afternoon people and some are night people. In my case, I love mornings. Going for a hike just before dawn, watching the sun rise, working out on the deck with the crispness of the morning air are all relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I can wake up early in the morning and get more work done between 5AM and 9AM than I can the rest of the day combined. On the other hand, if I have to work at night, I can do it but I’m not efficient at all. I get tired, my mind wanders (more than normal) and something might take me twice as long as if I had done it in the morning.

Other people find the morning to be something to dread and bitch about and instead are at their best late at night

If you know what time zone you work best in, and can schedule accordingly, you can use your time much more efficiently

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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