The problem with different

The problem with doing something completely different than anyone else is you are most likely not fulfilling a want.

People tend to purchase things they want. They want a nice car (they don’t need a nice car, an older model might be just as efficient for them). They want a big house (a smaller house might have plenty of room for them). They want designer clothes (generic clothes might fit just as well). If you create something no one has done before their usually isn’t a built up demand for it. Instead you have to create the demand as well.

Some of the wealthiest people out there have created something different but the thing to remember, a LOT of different things have been created that are as good, if not better than what these wealthy people have created but no one has heard of these creations because the people didn’t have the time, the patience, the funding or the luck to build up the market as well.

The problem with being different is it might take more work than simply improving on a previous model. On the other hand, the potential might be immense.

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