Project Management vs Time Management

There is a lot of talk about time management and without a doubt it’s an important topic but maybe we should be talking about project management instead of time management.

As an example, a student has to read 4 books by the end of the summer. Those who actually plan (as opposed to those who wait till the last week and then panic) might decide if they allocate one hour a day to reading they should be able to finish the 4 books in time.

The problem with this is while it’s allocating time to the project we have no idea if it’s the proper amount of time. Instead, take a look at the total number of pages between the four books and the total number of days till one week before the deadline and divide these to determine how many pages per day need to be read in order to finish the book in time. The reason for scheduling the deadline one week prior to the real deadline is to give yourself some “wiggle” room in case an emergency arises.

By breaking the project down instead of the time down it eliminates the risk of underestimating the time needed to achieve the goal.

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