Happy Thanksgiving…

A few days ago was Thanksgiving. Families and friends gather to say thanks for…stuff

My question is, what about the other days?

People celebrate Christmas as an opportunity to get together, exchange gifts and occasionally to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

My question is, how many people give a damn the rest of the year?

People celebrate birthdays and send notes to say “thinking of you”.

My question is, why aren’t they thinking of these people the rest of the year?

My point isn’t to downplay holidays and special events but rather if you care about people, don’t wait for a “special day” and instead, let them know every day.

If you make contact once or twice a year with people do you really care about those people? Or, is this just some formality where people who don’t care about each other pretend on certain days?

Would you rather receive a form picture (I’m sure there is a correct term for this but it’s where a family or group gathers to have their picture taken and then send to all their “friends”) on some random holiday or would you prefer to receive a call from a friend on a regular basis where you make real contact and show true interest.

If you care about someone, don’t wait for a holiday to let them know. If you don’t care, just continue doing what you have been doing

Have a great day (because every day is special not just the designated ones)


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