The world revolves around me

If you are trying to sell me something it’s important to know my world revolves around me. Don’t tell me about the features of the product or service. Don’t tell me hypothetical benefits. Tell me how it will make my life, or me better and I will most likely buy it.

In the same way that my life revolves around me, your life revolves around you and the other persons life revolves around them. If you treat us all the same, you will struggle in making the sale. Each of us is different and those who realize we are all different and sell to us as individuals based on each persons traits will succeed.

Some people think that with social networking, our lives revolve more and more around others. If that was true, your facebook page would show all activity on your wall and not just the activity of your friends. You would see all tweets and not just those of your followers. Instead it shows the people you know, the people you care about because you don’t want a generic page you want one about you and the people you care about.

The other day I saw the first online advertisement I have seen in years. This doesn’t mean I have some special way to block advertisements online but rather, they might appear on various web sites I visit but I never notice them. The ad I saw was for Zappos and instead of showing some random sets of shoes, they showed the shoes I was wearing at that time. It’s not some “big brother” concept they are using and it was somewhat lucky but the shoes I was wearing were ordered from them and was the last thing I had searched for on their site. They were able to customize their ad based on a cookie on my computer to show the last thing I had searched for. Because it’s a company I have used and trusted, I didn’t find this intrusive at all. The ad had a link explaining how they did this and allowing you to remove yourself from this advertising. They understood the concept that my life revolves around me and because of this were able to customize their marketing to appeal to me based on my wants and needs.

Are you treating all your customers or clients the same? Are you telling them all about you or are you talking about the topic they care most about…themselves?

You can either deal with the fact we are all, in some way or other, narcissistic or pretend we aren’t and lose most of our interest.

Have a great day!


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