People are smart

People, on average, are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

The reason people fail at tasks is we don’t allow them the opportunity to learn how to think.

Either we put them into situations they are completely unprepared for and they get overwhelmed so shut down and accomplish nothing or, we treat them as if they are incapable of decision making so make all decisions for them and then when they are put in a position to make a decision, they aren’t prepared.

If you tell someone exactly what to do in a given situation, they most likely will be able to handle that same situation in the future. However, if they encounter a similar but different situation, they wont be able to deduce how the other solution was arrived at previously so wont be able to replicate the thought process going forward.

The alternative is to teach the methodology used to arrive at the solution and whether they see the same problem or a different problem, they will understand how to sold this problem in the future.

It’s much easier, short term, to problem solve for others but long term, everyone benefits and grows by teaching the problem solving method to them

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