Frequently, we speak about leaders and followers. There tends to be an assumption that people will fall into one of these two groups. The reality is many people might be leaders in one group or environment and followers in other groups or environments.

However, there is also a third group which often gets ignored. These would be the mavericks. They don’t follow others and, for the most part, don’t care if others follow them or not.

Some might see these mavericks as selfish (always doing things there way without regard for others) but when we look back in history, so many of our great innovators would fall into this category.

When looking at innovations in technology, we frequently see some of the most successful innovations being done by start up while the companies who throw a lot of money and people at research and development don’t create much which would be considered innovative or creative.

If you truly want growth and innovation, you might want to consider finding some mavericks but do understand, they can be a handful. The key is to let them do what they do best without inhibiting them with procedures and restrictions. If you can do this without wanting to kill yourself or the maverick, and are able to be patient, you might be on the way to something great.

If you want safe and stable, keep doing what most people are doing but realize, the chances of great are limited this way.

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