Keep your eyes on the prize

Your web site page views are up, the unique visitors are up, time people spend on your site is up…and still no sales.

You have thousands of followers on Twitter, thousands of friends on Facebook, millions of people watching your video’s on youtube…and still no revenue.

You’re a college coach who each year has one of the best recruiting classes in the country…and still aren’t winning.

Your TV commercial gets rave receives…but doesn’t increase business.

Your a real estate agent with listings all over the place…but the houses aren’t selling.

At some point, people have to think about what they really are wanting to do. If you are a business, your bottom line matters. If your a non profit, your members are what matters. If your trying to win, winning is what matters.

Don’t get distracted by the things the media might focus on or what others in your industry like to talk about, know what your goals are and keep your eyes on the prize.

Have a great day!


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