Answer yourself honestly

Recently, I have had some discussions with a few people who were struggling with decisions. As an example, one person, who was looking for new employment, couldn’t give an honest answer to himself about what he wanted to do.

When I asked what type of work they were looking for, the response sounded like the type of BS one puts on their objectives on a resume “I want a career in technology that will allow me to grow as a person and make the world a better place” (or some crap like that).

I asked again but this time explained he needed to be able to be specific and honest. The response was more mumbo jumbo.

Finally, I asked him why he needed new employment he responded “I was laid off and need work soon in order to pay my mortgage and since I specialize in database programming, I’m looking for a job in that field”.

With that response, it became much easier to work with the person.

The problem wasn’t that he couldn’t be honest in his answer to me. The problem was, he was struggling with being honest to himself.

When a problem arises before you can work to solve it, be honest and open with yourself to determine what the real problem is and it will be much easier to fix

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