Three things to sell

Frequently people think of selling one of two type of things

1. Things people want
2. Things people need

These things might be products or services.

Trying to sell what people need has caused a lot of businesses to go bankrupt. People do NOT always act rationally nor do they always buy what they need.

Selling people what they want is much more successful (short term at least) but the problem is, many others are trying this same thing.

The third type of thing to sell is much more difficult, more time consuming and potentially much more profitable. This involves creating a product or service and then convincing people it’s what they want/need. This might seem very backwards but if you think about it, most true innovation is done this way.

People didn’t want/need a telephone before it was invented.

People didn’t want/need an iPod before it was invented.

People didn’t want a store where they could pay to shop there and then buy things in large quantities until Costco and Sam’s Club arrived.

Create a product and then create the need/want and the potential is HUGE

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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