Rent to own

When looking to hire an employee or consultant consider “rent to own” rather than a direct hire.

There are a couple of ways to do this. As an example, instead of hiring a new employee consider working with a temporary agency to run new possible hires through them. The temp agency contracts the employee as a temp and it’s a 1-3 month trial period. If it works, the company hires the employee full time (and the temp agency makes a percentage of the salary and a buyout at the end). If the employee doesn’t work out, the company discontinues the agreement and there is no separation issues which might occur with a full time employee.

Another way to do this would be to hire the person for a set project with the understanding that at the end of the project, a decision would be made whether to offer full time employment. If it works out great. If it doesn’t, the two sides part ways.

The advantage in using this “rent to own” philosophy is it’s a way to make sure there is a good fit from a technical side as well as from a cultural side. Keep in mind it does work both ways. At the end of the project or trial period, the employee might decide it’s not the position for them. This is a risk that I believe is worth taking because why would you want someone working for you who isn’t going to be happy long term?

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