Make their lives simpler

Many people seem to be looking for the “new breakthrough” idea that will make them a fortune. They feel they need to come up with an idea that has never been done before and frequently never actually do anything.

An alternative is to help people to make their lives simpler.

As an example, some people find it frustrating trying to travel with their personal care products. It’s added weight, it’s a problem with airport security etc. The site came up with the idea of allowing people to order personal care products to be delivered to their hotels so they don’t have to carry these items with them while traveling. This is an idea designed to make life easier and simpler for the traveler. They aren’t offering a product others can’t offer. They aren’t offering a service that others couldn’t provide. They are simply offering a service (the providing of products at a convenient time and place) that others aren’t. I have no connection to this company or web site and have no idea if their successful but it’s an excellent example how providing a service to make peoples lives simpler can work.

What can YOU do to make others live simpler (and hopefully to profit from it as well)?

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