You’re fired

It’s easy to fire an employee who steals from you or does something dramatically wrong. However, it’s much more difficult to fire someone who simply isn’t doing a good job.

The reason this is difficult is because we want to give people a second (and third and fourth and fifth) chance. Also, we want to give the people the benefit of the doubt. We start wondering if we didn’t provide them with the right training or the right support.

Eventually, we throw more money, more resources and more time at the problem and eventually realize our initial thought was correct, they simply aren’t doing a good job.

How much time, money, resources, and opportunities are lost because of these second, third and fourth chances?

The reality is most people who are doing a bad job aren’t happy with what they are doing so extending their “sentence” really doesn’t help anyone.

I’m not recommending getting rid of people the first chance you get but once you make the decision, go with your gut and don’t extend everyone’s agony.

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