Would you hire a felon?

On many job applications one of the important questions asked is “have you ever committed a felony?” or something similar.

Have you really thought about this? Would you ever hire a felon? Would you ever hire a person convicted of rape?

Many people and companies would answer “no” to both questions. The question is, do they bother to get all the facts?

Are all felons the same? What if the applicant is a 55 year old who was arrested (and convicted) of drug possession back in college? Should something that happened 35 years ago affect your hiring them today (especially knowing that what they were caught doing 35 years ago was something you might also have been doing around that time).

While the idea of hiring a sexual offender might seem awful, what if you found out this was a case of an 18 year old getting charged with having consensual sex with a 16 year old girlfriend and being charged by a parent with statutory rape. Should this be something that prohibits their hiring 30 years later?

My point isn’t to go out and hire felons. My point is to consider finding out what the details behind the facts are before you eliminate a candidate.

There are many other examples where the facts are true but the story behind the facts change the significance (possibly). It’s worth finding out the story sometimes

Just something to think about

Have a great day!

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