When are you judged

Frequently you are not judged based on a situation but rather how you react to the situation.

As an example, recently I stayed at a hotel and it was supposed to be billed directly to a company. When I checked out, the entire stay ended up being billed to my credit card. I didn’t notice it right away so when I did I called the hotel and left a message for the manager. I also sent an email to the person who made the original arrangements with the hotel. She ended up calling the hotel and getting the charge reversed and billed to the organization. The next day I received a call from the manager of the hotel apologizing for the mix up and explaining that the charge to my card had been reversed and was being direct billed instead.

The key to this mans call is what he did and didn’t do. He didn’t place blame elsewhere (toward me or to anyone at the hotel). He didn’t make an excuse. He didn’t try to explain the mistake away. He took responsibility, he apologized and he explained how it had been corrected.

When I look back at my stay at this hotel, my memory wont be of the initial mistake but rather, it will be of how professionally the mistake was dealt with, corrected and apologized for,

I think a lot of organizations can learn from this mans response.

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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