We live in different worlds

It’s easy to assume we all live in the same world. While technically we do, realistically, not only do we live in different worlds but many of us live in multiple worlds.

Examples of how we live in multiple words is the people we associate with at work, might be completely different than the people we associate socially. We frequently act differently around these different groups, we dress differently and basically treat these different worlds as unrelated parts of our lives.

It’s easy to make the assumption that everyone has the same world but when you think of how different groups interact you quickly realize groups can be quite different. In some worlds, people have hundreds of friends who they communicate with online. They share information, share stories and share a world with each other. It’s easy to forget not everyone is that way. In other worlds, people have 3-5 real friends and these are people they see, talk to and touch on a regular basis. Is one world right and the other world wrong? No. However, it’s important for them to realize not everyone is in their world.

If someone from the “texting world” sends me a text message. I will get it..eventually. If I’m away from my house I almost always have my cell phone with me so even though I’m not much for texting, I will receive it quickly. If I’m at home and someone texts me, I probably wont get it till I leave my house since I don’t check my cell phone when I’m at home. On the other hand, if someone sends me an email, I get it quickly regardless of where I am. A texter might get frustrated that I don’t respond right away but it’s because they don’t understand that in my world, texting is not a priority.

Even simple conversation among friends can go into different worlds. While I enjoy most sports, as soon as someone starts talking about baseball, I tend to ignore the conversation. Baseball is not part of my world trying to get me into that world will end up with both sides being frustrated.

When communicating with others, try to stay within a common world in order to interest both sides. Some people have a larger world (or more worlds) than others and some people are more willing to cross into other worlds but when you really think about each others worlds, it can really alter the way you communicate with others, the way you think about others and how effective you are in all types of interaction.

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