The emperors clothes are in shreds

Frequently we look at the existing power (emperor, defending champion, large company) and see what they used to be and possibly not what they are now. We “see” incredible power, great wealth, and no weaknesses.

If we take a closer look at these powers, we might see the reality. They might not be as strong as they used to be. They might have many more weaknesses than we ever would have guessed. They might not be what they used to be.

When you look at a power (or any opponent), make sure you are looking at what is really there and not what used to be there.

This also is true when others look at you. Are they seeing what you really are or what you used to be. Sometimes there are advantages to people seeing what you used to be. As an example, in college football, the name Notre Dame has been an intimidating opponent for many decades. The reality though is they haven’t been a top team for many years. A few years ago, Notre Dame beat some teams they probably shouldn’t have. They beat them not with talent, not with hard work but rather because they were NOTRE DAME. Then a couple of teams they normally would have beaten beat them. All of a sudden the mystique was gone and teams were beating them Teams started to realize this Notre Dame wasn’t the Notre Dame of old.

One problem powers of old sometimes face is they look at themselves and see what they used to be and not what they are now. They don’t see the chinks in their armor.

Make sure you are looking at your opposition and yourself with an open mind, otherwise you might not notice the emperors clothes are in shreds

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