How do I opt out?

When did I give up my right to privacy?

Who gave other people the right to tweet about me? Who gave them the right to post my picture without my permission?

If you don’t think this is happening, read what people are tweeting about on twitter, or posting on various “walls” on facebook.

Is it ok for someone to write about me attending a meeting out of town? While this might seem like an innocent thing to do, what if someone else uses this information to know my house is empty so they decide this would be a good house and a good time to break in to. Do others have the right to provide this type of information to the general public?

How far can this go? If it’s ok to post my picture on twitpix, does this mean they can also post my PIN for my debit card? How about tweeting my login information to my bank account?

Shouldn’t I (and you) have a right to privacy?

I realize that most of the people who are using various types of social networking are doing so for innocent reasons but just because they are tweeting for the right reason doesn’t mean the reader is reading for the same reason (or the reader of the retweet).

Twitter and Facebook aren’t responsible because they are simply providing the platform for information to be exchanged, they aren’t monitoring or controlling information (with the exception of things such as pornography and hate issues) It’s the person who is posting this information that will ultimately be held accountable (or the organizations they represent if they are perceived to be the deep pockets).

My two questions are how do I opt out of other people including me in their social networking and why should I have to? Unless we choose to be public figures don’t we have the right to privacy?

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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