Buy Locally

There are a lot of people with the belief we should buy locally to support our local economies. I definitely fall within this group although I do tend to purchase certain things online (used books for example).

The one thing that is easy to forget (or easy to misunderstand) is that just because a company has a big name doesn’t mean it’s not local.

For example, there are many people who are boycotting BP gas stations. The thing they don’t realize (or maybe they don’t care about) is most BP stations are owned by individual owners. Many are locally owned and operated and they employ local people. BP might get a very small percentage but boycotting this type of business primarily hurts local people.

McDonalds is a large multi national conglomerate but most of the restaurants are owned by small business owners. They employ local people and help the local economy.

Even large stores such as WalMart, while they aren’t locally owned, they frequently are one of the largest employers in a community. These are your friends, your neighbors etc who are working there and benefiting from these jobs.

I’m not a big fan of chains but it’s important to understand just because a business is a chain, doesn’t mean it’s not locally owned and it almost always means local jobs.

Buy locally when you can and be open minded to what that really means.

Just something to think about

Have a great day!


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