Sometimes you are the one who has changed

Frequently we look at a situation and feel something has changed but are not sure what exactly has changed. If you can’t figure out what has changed, consider the possibility that you are the one who has changed.

As an example, recently, I was in a waiting room and some young children were running around. A guy sitting next to me started laughing and said “until a couple of years ago, those children running around would have driven me crazy, now that I have kids of my own, I have learned to appreciate them and now I find it cute”. In other words, the same thing that a few years ago would frustrate and annoy him, now he finds enjoyable. The situation isn’t different, he is.

We are constantly changing, sometimes for the good, occasionally for the bad but it’s important to realize that sometimes the only thing that has changed is us.

If you can’t figure out what has changed in a given situation, consider the possibility, it’s you

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