Is your sample size sufficient

When trying to determine the cause of something it’s common to look at patterns and look for a common denominator. As an example, if your organization is constantly making the same mistake, over and over, look to see who is involved in each of these occurrences. This person might be the common denominator.

On the other hand, if your sample size isn’t sufficient, you might come to some inaccurate assumptions. As an example, if in a soccer game you feel one team is making a lot of bad passes, you might pick out two passes and look for a pattern. With only a sample size of 2, you might come to many “conclusions”. If both are Gemini’s you might conclude all Geminis are bad passers. However, if you had looked at 50 as your sample size, you might have realized it wasn’t because they were Geminis but rather it was because they were receiving poor support on the field (I admit it, it’s a terrible example but hopefully you get the point)

When looking for a pattern or common denominator, make sure the sample size is sufficient to make an accurate conclusion.

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