If you combine with someone don’t force them to completely conform.

Recently, Amazon.com purchased Zappos.com and just yesterday Woot.com announced they were being purchased by Amazon.com as well.

Both Zappos and Woot have very unique styles about them (and very different from each other) and they each have very different styles than Amazon’s. If Amazon were to force Zappos and Woot to conform to their style and company culture, there is a good chance both will fail. Instead, if they allow these two companies to continue to run somewhat independently (as they have said they would) which would allow them to continue to excel at what they do things should continue to be successful for all. Plus, without changing their culture, I’m sure Amazon is able to help out with some of their technical knowledge and ability. As an additional bonus, Amazon might be able to learn from these two organizations as well so not only will they continue to thrive but Amazon can become even stronger.

The point is, if you combine with someone, keep their strengths, merge some with your strengths and make everyone better.

While this is true in multi million (and billion) dollar mergers, it’s also true in other situations. If you hire an assistant, you will want them to do things a certain way but also, learn from them and use their strengths to become even more successful. Too often, we are afraid to learn from those less experienced than us or those lower on the “totem pole” because of fear of admitting we don’t know it all. The truth is, we don’t know it all. Learn whenever possible and from whomever possible and take the best things you do, the best things they do and everyone continues to grow

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