Formula for Success

Here is a simple formula for success

1.Create expectations and goals
2.Create processes as guidelines
3.Hire the right people
4.Give the freedom to operate
5.Provide the support and resources needed
6.Monitor to ensure the results are matching expectations
7.Adapt as required

Following this formula will help ensure success in your organization. There are many other ways to be successful but following this formula will help

Unfortunately, many organizations do some of these but not all and this can be dangerous. For example, if you do all of these except for number 3, you might be giving the freedom for bad employees to destroy your organization. If you do number 3 but then don’t do number 4, these employees might feel frustrated.

This formula does require some trust and this is why the monitoring part is so important.

If you have a different formula that is working for you, great. If not, give this a try

Have a great day!


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