Do your requirements in hiring make sense?

When you are hiring for a specific position, do the requirements you are asking for actually make sense?

For example, if you are hiring a medical doctor, it makes sense to require a medical degree and they have passed all required boards etc. On the other hand, if you are hiring for some other positions, is the degree really necessary?

Yesterday a company I have a great deal of respect for posted a job opening for a new operations manager (person to be in charge of their computer systems). The job was listed on their site as well as on their blog and a job board they run, A comment was made on their blog “I looked at the job posting to see what kind of degree requirement you were interested in, but to my surprise, no degree requirements were provided. Surely there is one, though. Why not be up front about it? “ This person just made the assumption that a company of this size would require a degree or two. The president responded “we don’t require degrees”. This is a company that has MANY people wanting to work for them and they can afford to be picky to get the best so if they don’t see it as a requirement, why do some others?

Other companies require X number of years experience before they will consider hiring for a position. The problem with that is with experience comes habits. Some might be good and many might be bad. When dealing with Internet and communication, someone with many years of experience, who hasn’t stayed up with the latest trends will probably be LESS QUALIFIED than someone with less experience but who has stayed up with the trends.

My point isn’t that degrees or experience is bad but rather, really determine if what you are looking for matters for the position you are hiring for

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