Take ownership of a problem, FIX IT and PREVENT FROM HAPPENING AGAIN

Back in the 1970; there was a company that demanded their employees take “ownership” of problems and mistakes.

When something would go wrong, one person would “own” the problem. This meant they take responsibility for the problem. It was away for people to stop blaming others and instead someone would say “I own it, it’s my fault”.

The company failed

One of the reasons they failed is while individuals would take ownership of a problem, they wouldn’t take the next two steps. The next step is to the problem. It doesn’t matter to me if someone takes responsibility or not if they don’t do anything to fix the problem.

The next step after fixing the problem is to do everything you can to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again.

The next time a problem or mistake occurs, take ownership, fix the problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again. If you do that, people will like working with you

Have a great day!

PS The reason I’m not using the name of the company from the 1970’s is there is another company with the same name currently in business.

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