Take culture into consideration with new personnel

When adding to your organization (this could mean adding volunteers, hiring employees, picking new members for a team, etc) take into consideration your organizations culture.

Sometimes you are bringing in new people because there has been a lot of negativity in an organization and you are getting rid of the negative and replacing with new attitudes. Other times, the culture is very positive and you are simply trying to enhance the culture.

While the persons ability to perform is an important part of determining if you should bring someone into your organization, making sure they fit the culture you want is just as important. A talented person with a negative attitude can do more damage than they are worth.

It’s also important when bringing in new people to try to improve the organizations culture to make sure they are the “influencers” and not the “influencees”. The idea of bringing a positive person into a negative culture is to have the positive person influence the negatives and hopefully help them toward a more positive approach. It’s important when bringing in new people that these positive people don’t get influenced by the negatives instead.

There isn’t a “step by step” guide to doing this, just being aware of the culture and where you want to go with it is the big first step.

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