If you want to be different, don’t copy the competition

Many organizations want to do things differently. They want to be unique. They want to be creative. They want to be trend setters. They want to be out front.

Their solution to accomplishing this is…to copy their competition.

They look at what their competition is doing and try to do the same (or claim to want to do it better)

If their competition is blogging, they start a blog.

If their competition is tweeting, they create a twitter account.

You wont be different by copying the competition. If you need inspiration for doing something different than the others, look towards non competing industries and see what they are doing. If you are an engineer, maybe there is something artists are doing that can be integrated into your business. If you are an educator, maybe there is something researchers are doing that will improve your teaching.

If you want to be different, don’t copy the competition, look elsewhere for inspiration (or try something really novel and come up with an idea on your own)

Have a great day!


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