Be careful saying no too quickly

When you get asked if you can provide a product or service outside of what you currently offer, be careful about saying no too quickly.

Just because you don’t currently offer the product or service doesn’t mean it’s not something you might consider if the price is right. This ties in closely with some recent posts I have written about looking for new opportunities.

An easy example might be if a regular customer of a bar asks for a high end drink and the bar doesn’t carry the liquor requested. It’s easy to say “sorry, we don’t carry that” but isn’t it worth exploring the possibility of carrying that liquor in the future if they could count on this being ordered regularly in the future.

Another example might be a Realtor receiving a request for a rental when they specialize in house sales. It’s easy to say “no, we don’t do that” but what if you were to say “let me see what I can do” and contact some buyers you represent who have had their home on the market for a long time and offer to get it rented until the market changes? You might find a way to keep a client happy (the homeowner receives some income instead of having a home sitting empty for a long time accumulating expenses, the renter gets what they are looking for and you might receive a small fee for finding the renter and get a lot more goodwill from both parties).

Even if you can’t provide the good or service being requested, rather than saying no, look to see if you can recommend someone or somewhere else they can get what they want. Even though you are not going to get anything for this recommendation, you will be developing more goodwill and sometimes, that can be worth more than any financial compensation in the long run

Sometimes you do have to say no but first, look for opportunities when available

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