Anticipate your clients needs by listening to them

Rather than trying to find clients or customers who want what your offering, why not try to anticipate what they want/need and provide that instead?

Yesterday I was trying out a new piece of software and had a question so called the developer. Not only was he helpful in answering my question but based on my question, he anticipated a piece of software I might also be interested in (not yet developed) and wanted feedback regarding what I thought the demand would be. This company isn’t sitting back hoping people buy their software, they are being proactive in trying to give their customers what they want to keep them as customers.

Admittedly, the difficult thing about this is it does require listening to what your customers are saying. Too often, we want to talk to people rather than talk with people. If you truly listen to people, they will make it very easy to anticipate their future needs.

The alternative is to do what you have always been doing and if that is working for you, great. However, realize it might not continue working in the future

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