Write Right

We live in a world of tweeting, wall posting, IM’ing and texting. People are being conditioned to write with incredible brevity (can’t be more than 140 characters, use abbreviations whenever possible, skip words that aren’t “necessary” etc). The problem with this is in the business world, it causes some very incomplete and unsuccessful communications.

What might be acceptable in communicating with your friend is not acceptable with a boss or client.

Just last night, I received an email from someone wanting to do business with me where it was so unprofessional, so immature in style that there is no way I want to be involved with them. Does everything have to be professionally written at all times? Of course not (these posts certainly aren’t) but it is important to understand your audience and make sure you write accordingly.

R u sure u get it?

Leave the cute stuff for the kids (and if you really want to make a difference, encourage them to write correctly as well)

Have a great day!


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