New Tutorial Blog

I would like to announce a new Tutorial Blog now available. This came about from a suggestion from a subscriber (thanks Russ) and has evolved over the last few weeks.

Each new blog post will have a video tutorial showing how to do something on the computer. Some will be as simple as how to do a search or how to format a letter in MS Word. Others will be more complex (how to create a nice looking powerpoint presentation or how to create a chart in Word). There will be a video tutorial as well as the transcript for those who learn better by reading.

Each tutorial will only be a minute or two so these are short and to the point.

The first tutorial is now online and shows how to create charts using Microsoft Word. You can see it at

The plan is to upload a new tutorial each day this week and then starting next week, they will be uploaded on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. You can subscribe to receive the notifications of the new tutorials on By subscribing, you can see what the new tutorial is about and then decide whether it’s a subject you want to learn about or not.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can email them to me at

Have a great day!

PS I would like to thank Nina Fuentes and Jonathon Rose for their help with these tutorials

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